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What We Do

We work with senior leaders in any field who sincerely believe in, and are committed to, creating gender balance, diversity and inclusion in their sphere of influence whatever that may be: throughout an organisation; across a public or private sector; within a political party; on a company board.

Our pioneering practice is underpinned by extensive experience as practitioners, our own organisational and academic research, as well as the most current literature in neuroscience, learning and leadership.

Diversity + Inclusion

While decisions and leadership remain in the hands of a small demographic slice of our population, we cannot possibly expect to have a just, fair and secure society. Nor will we ever have policies, programs, outcomes that meet the needs, interests and aspirations of a multiracial, diverse population of people. Diversity and inclusion matter

Whole brain learning / Mindfulness

Inclusion is a felt, embodied experience significantly involving the brain’s right hemisphere, requiring specific methods and tools for its development. Our original McDonagh-May Method blends intellectual inquiry with creative arts to produce potent learning experiences able to engage the whole brain/mind/body system.

The two hemispheres of the brain are linked and communicate extensively together; they do not work in isolation. The simplistic notion of a false binary has led, in many businesses, to the misconception that each one of has a strictly preferred learning style and channel. Recent studies have flatly disproved this idea, suggesting instead that engaging all the senses in a variety of ways (for instance, audio visual and tactile) can help employees retain new content.

McKinsey, 2015

Return on your investment

Maximising return on your investment is central in our approach. The quantitative and qualitative data we gather consistently shows the high impact of our approach and its ability to significantly increase individual and group capacity to create gender equity, diversity and inclusion.


Our clients span the public, private, and tertiary education sectors where we engage the most senior executives and people who work for them to build commitment and momentum for cultural change and inclusion.

A rare combination of intelligence, focus and wisdom to help us drive cultural change. Deborah May has made an outstanding contribution to building a stronger institution and developing its current and future leaders.

Nigel Ray Deputy Secretary, The Treasury

Download The May Group booklet for more information about our services and products, the McDonagh-May Method and the impact of our approach