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Cultural Audit

Our cultural audit service is a proprietary process developed by The May Group. It is a carefully constructed and guided method that reveals the types of unconscious bias prevalent in an organisation; who these impact most, and in what ways.

All culture is biased in some way. It is neither malicious nor intentional but it does result in some people having fewer opportunities to contribute and participate than others. That is not good for them, their group, or organisational innovation and productivity.

A May Group cultural audit enables you to see what is working well; what is not; what needs to be done in your sphere of influence to create full and equal opportunity for everyone to contribute and create optimal outcomes.

How our cultural audit works

Using face to face interviews, focus groups and an on-line survey, a cultural audit:

  • Identifies bias and barriers in workplace culture, systems, structures and processes
  • Illuminates the impact of bias on people; in particular how women are affected as research consistently shows women are typically the group most disadvantaged by unconscious bias
  • Reveals high leverage, targeted strategies to ameliorate and address the effects of bias
  • Reveals the capability gaps that need attention
  • Builds staff engagement and leadership commitment to cultural reform
  • Provides sound ground and context to inform cultural reform initiatives, saving your organisation time, money and disappointment.

Report and executive briefing

Once the extensive data gathered during the audit process has been analysed, the findings are documented in a comprehensive report, accompanied by executive briefings given by Deborah May.

The May Group has conducted cultural audits for many individual government agencies and departments including: Prime Minister and Cabinet; Attorney General; Foreign Affairs and Trade; Treasury; Immigration; Geoscience Australia; Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

In addition, Deborah has researched gender equity and unconscious bias across the Australian Public Service. Read the resulting report: Not Yet 50/50: Barriers to the Progress of Senior Women in the Australian Public Service (2013). University of Canberra / Australian and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG).

Deborah was appointed an Honorary Fellow of ANZSOG for this work.

Deborah’s research on the mobilisation of unconscious bias against women in the workplace is proving particularly influential in helping organisations to develop strategies to ensure that women realise their true potential free from inequitable cultural constraints.

Professor Meredith EdwardsChair, Australian Public Service Awards Panel

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