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Despite the business case for gender balance, diversity and inclusion being crystal clear – increasing financial performance, innovation, productivity, standards of governance – it can be difficult to get executive commitment to the necessary cultural reform. The May Group is here to help. Invite Deborah May to speak at your next conference or event, or brief executive groups.

Speaking to Head and Heart

Deborah is a compelling communicator. She speaks with great knowledge, authority and conviction. Her honest, reflective perspectives are articulated with clarity and daring. She engages both the heads and hearts of the audience with a dynamic blend of thought-provoking research, instructive stories case studies, and creative self-inquiry – giving people both a sound intellectual grasp of the topic and a felt experience of what being valued, respected and included really means.

Deborah regularly speaks to national and international audiences in public and private engagements. In 2015 she was invited to address senior executives at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington DC, Unconscious bias and its impact on women at The Australian Treasury: A case study.

Deborah is available to give key note speeches and executive briefings on:

  • Inclusive leadership
    Understanding the role of leaders’ presence in creating inclusion – how leaders are with others has more impact than what they do; the neuroscience of inclusion; the pivotal role of mindfulness.
  • Advancing women
    The impacts of bias on women in organisations; strategies that work to increase the number of women in senior leadership positions.
  • Bias and the brain
    Recognising bias; understanding its neuroscientific basis; the detrimental effects it has in organisations; what can be done.

Download PDF Deborah May: Speaking to Head and Heart


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