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Who We Are

The May Group is an established, niche consulting practice based in Canberra, Australia. Our expertise is in gender equity, diversity and inclusion, and equipping leaders to create inclusive culture in all areas of our society.

 Managing Director  Deborah May
 Consultant  Margot Paxman
 Operations Manager  Michelle Hallinan
 Design Partner  Dr Natalie McDonagh

Our small team is dedicated, dynamic and innovative. When the scale or scope of a client’s needs requires, we collaborate with other specialist consulting practices and enlist skilled facilitators from our national networks.

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We bring a wealth of personal and professional experience, a thoughtful perspective and a deep passion and commitment to the work we do. We combine the benefits of age and youth. We bring wisdom, insight, humour, pragmatism and focus. We want to make a constructive difference and know that we can and do.

And Parker who keeps an eye on everyone.